Wednesday, January 13, 2016

SHOCKING UPDATE: New Evidence Suggests That The BROOKLYN BOYS . . . Did NOT Gang Rape The Teen . . . They Caught Her ‘HAVING SEX’ With Her Father . . . And JOINED IN!!!

Two days ago, the entire NATION looked on in disgust on the story of a Brooklyn girl - who claimed she was gang raped in front of her father. Well the story is looking more and more complicated.
New cell phone video evidence suggests that the teens involved did NOT rape anyone. Furthermore, there are claims that the teens walked in on the girl having RELATIONS with her father in the park.
Here is what the NY Daily News is reporting:
A brother of one suspect came forward earlier in the day with an unverified 10-second video, shot with a cell phone, showing a smiling girl who’s naked from the waist down — supposedly the victim — sitting with a young man.
“You saying yeah?” says a voice off-camera. “It’s lit” — meaning the youths had the go-ahead for sexual relations with the 18-year-old woman, according to Billy Anderson, brother of suspect Ethan Phillip.
A cell phone was recovered, and the NYPD was seeking a search warrant to scour its contents, a police source said. One teen told cops he shot video of the victim and sent it to a relative, the source said.
Anderson said he was told the teens spied the victim and her father having sex on a tennis court when they arrived at the park, and they challenged the dad’s claim of getting chased away with a gun.
“No man in his right mind would leave their daughter like that,” Anderson told the Daily News.

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