Wednesday, January 13, 2016

LEAKED! PDP's Letter To Parties seeking Jonathan;s Re-election Revealed

A letter purportedly exposing the pact the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had with other political parties to support the re-election of Goodluck Jonathan has been leaked.
Chief Olu Falae who was implicated in the arms deal scandal reportedly received N100 million
on behalf of his party, Socialist Democratic Party. The payment was for the agreement between the two parties that the SDP would support the PDP.
The Guardian reports that in a letter dated January 26, 2015 which was leaked on Tuesday, January 12 in Abuja and signed by Chief Tony Anenih, the PDP acknowledged its willingness to work with the SPD. A similar letter was also sent to the Accord Party.
Part of the letter read: “Inter-Party Co-operation” reads: “I write to sincerely thank you for your letter dated January 23, 2015, on the above subject matter.
“After due consultations with relevant stakeholders of our party, I am pleased to convey to you our decisions on the issues and to further inform you that the president and the leadership of our party have expressed delight and strong optimism to fully cooperate and work with the SDP in the circumstance.”
“Please be assured that the report of the National Conference will be implemented to the letter.  We believe that having regard to the fact that the National Conference was a baby of the President, he is in a better position to implement it.  And this is what he is doing.”
“There is no doubt that our party, the PDP and your party, the SDP, are on the same page on this issue.
“Apart from the fact that this administration has done more arrests, investigations, prosecutions and convictions of corrupt cases, the President has continuously laid emphasis on the need to develop an appropriate technology to comprehensively combat corruption and its vices.
“The approach, for example, has produced immense results in eliminating corruption that was associated with the distribution of fertilizers in Nigeria in the past.”
Anenih added that ‘‘the primary duty of government to protect the lives and property of citizens and secure the territorial integrity of the nation, the government has consistently made efforts to deal with the challenges of Boko Haram who have established their operational base somewhere between some states in the North-East of the country and the boundary with some of our neighbouring African countries.’’
“Terrorism has become a global phenomenon and fighting it requires the co-operation of not just the entire citizens but the support of the international community.  The President is working on this.  In his recent visit to Borno and in a rally in Maiduguri few days ago, he assured the people that every inch of Nigerian soil currently under the control of insurgents will be recovered in no distant time.”

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